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Tony Strasser
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The ListenLog app  runs on the teacher's Kookaberry and listens for messages broadcast from other Kookaberries. These messages contain data collected and stored when using other Apps. The received data can be retrieved as an Excel CSV file for display and analysis on the teacher's computer.

Notes before starting

It is best not to have your Kookaberry connected to your computer when receiving data from other Kookaberries.

This is because writing the data to the USB memory requires the power to be switched OFF and then ON again. This happens naturally if you are using the USB lead plugged into the battery (the usual case).

However, If you have your Kookaberry connected to your computer (which might be the case if you were showing the screen in the Teachers' Window), you will need to turn the power OFF by unplugging the Kookaberry from the computer and then plugging it back in again.


Step 1

Navigate to the ListenLog app on the menu and open it. This Kookaberry is now able to receive data broadcasts from all other Kookaberries.

In the screenshots, the left hand one shows the teacher’s Kookaberry waiting for messages (data) and the right hand one after receiving data from Kookaberries used in the CountMe app.

The data column headings are shown following the Name of the Learning Plan.

Step 2

When all messages have been received, press Button A to Exit, unplug the USB connector from the battery, and plug it into the computer.

Important: It is necessary to exactly follow this procedure to ensure that the  received data is correctly "written" (stored) to the USB memory.

The files and folders in the D Drive (the Kookaberry’s USB memory) should automatically appear once the as shown below.

The ListenLog file is a *.csv file that can be uploaded directly to an Excel file for analysis and/or graphing.


  • Read Kappconfig file for details of learning plan ID and radio channel to use for receiving data
  • Set up radio and initialise display
  • Listen to the packet radio
  • Identify the lesson reports
  • Log any messages received for first identified learning plan.
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