Software Downloads

This is where you can find and download the

  • basic files and folders for the Kookaberry's USB memory
  • latest versions of the Apps you can run on the Kookaberry 
  • KookaSuite folders and files (KookaBlockly, KookaIDE; KookaTW)
  • firmware files to run the Kookaberry
Managing the Kookaberry's USB Memory

Initial organisation of folders and files requires a bit of discipline but, once done, is easy to manage.

The USB memory operates just like any normal flash drive where you can drag-and-drop files into folders.

The Kookaberry''s firmware (its MicroPython operating system) collects and runs the files it requires according to the App selected in the menu on its screen.

A Zip file of basic folders and files - including a set of basic Apps - to initially populate the USB memory is included in the Tutorial


Managing the MicroPython Code Editors and the Teachers' Window.
The KookaSuite is made up of the following PC based programmes.
  • KookaBlockly – an implementation of the GoogleBlockly programming environment for the Kookaberry
  • KookaIDE – an Integrated Development Environment for programming the Kookaberry in MicroPython; and
  • KookaTW – the Kookaberry Teacher’s Window that mirrors the Kookaberry’s display

Detailed instructions on how to download KookaSuite to a PC or Mac are provided in the following Tutorials

Go to the Tutorial: Installing KookaSuite on a PC→

Go to the Tutorial :Installing KookaSuite on a Mac→

Managing and Downloading the firmware

Firmware is the suite of software programmes that collaborates with all the various chips and components on the board to enable the Kookaberry to work.

There are Just three files which, once downloaded, are invisible to the user.