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What is KookaSuite?

KookaSuite comprises three executable files:

  • KookaTW - the Kookaberry Teacher's Window that mirrors the Kookaberry's display
  • KookaIDE - an Integrated Development Environment for programming the Kookaberry in MicroPython; and
  • KookaBlockly - an implementation of the GoogleBlockly programming environment for the Kookaberry.

Unlike many other web based popular code editors such as Mu Editor and Microsoft's MakeCode; KookaSuite is loaded onto a local computer and does not require an internet connection to operate.

Installing KookaSuite Software on your Mac

IMPORTANT: The KookaSuite files are “executable” files and such files, unless they have been certified as not posing a threat to a computer’s operating system, will generate warning signs and discard instructions before they will finally be allowed to load or run.


The instructions below assume that Safari is being used as your web browser

THESE Kookaberry FILES in GitHub ARE SAFE TO LOAD AND RUN. AustSTEM will commence the certification process after the next firmware version is fully tested.


Step 1: Access Files in GitHub

The software for the KookaSuite is contained in downloadable Github files.

Take me to GitHub →

Clicking on the above link will take you to the correct location on the GitHub website where you will see the window shown to the left. Note: Although the KookaSuite description only references macOS, the folder also contains file for Windows.

Step 2: Finding the right file

Click on the KookaSuite folder and the window in the top screenshot to the right will appear.

Now click on the file and the window shown in the bottom screenshot to the right will appear.

Click Download


Step 3: Loading the files

The unzipped Kookaberry-1.5 folder will appear in the Downloads folder on your Mac

If only the zip file appears in the Downloads folder, double click on the zip file and the Macintosh should extract the “Kookaberry-1.5” folder (where 1.5 is the version number at the time of writing and may change with future releases).

Click and drag the Kookaberry folder into the Applications folder

Click on the Kookaberry-1.5 folder to open it and view the three executable files

These files can also be accessed from the Shortcuts icon in the Dock

Step 4: Warning notices

Running any of these applications at this stage of the download process will result in the warning notice shown in the screenshot.

You will need to go to the Security and Privacy Settings on your Mac to open these files

The next Steps will lead you through this process


Step 4: Allowing file download

Go to the Security and Privacy section in your Settings and the window in the screenshot will appear.

Toward the bottom of the window the attempt to open the program is noted and a button "Open Anyway" is given.  Click on that.

By this means you are giving permission for this program to run henceforth.

The warning dialogue will reappear - this time with an Open button.

Click on this button to open the application

Repeat for each of the applications in KookaSuite

Step 5: Opening files

After the above validation process is complete the applications should run without further security warningsbut you may occasionally be asked to confirm the opening of a KookaSuite file when you want to use it. 


Installing KookaScripts


Step1: Installing KookaScripts

In computing, the word script is used to refer to a file containing a logical sequence of computer commands or a batch processing file. This is usually a simple program, stored in a plain text file.

In MicroPython they are an abbreviation of the name of the programme followed by ".py". eg ""

In the screenshots of the KookaBlockley and KookaIDE windows, you will see a menu box saying "Scripts", and an adjacent box saying "Choose a script".

These menus allow you to select pre-loaded scripts rather than load them individually using the Load command.

On first installation these menus will not show anything - a folder named "KookaberryScripts" needs to be installed as well. This has to be downloaded onto your computer as a "one-off" operation at the same time as you install KookaSuite.

Step 2: Downloading KookaScripts Folder

Click on the zip icon to the right, and download the zip file to the Downloads folder to a specific destination on your PC as detailed in Step 3 below


Step 3: Selecting the destination folder

Copy the KookaberryScripts folder to the user’s home folder on the Macintosh (the one with your name on it)

Step 4: Checking the files and location

When the KookaScripts folder is in the above location its files look like the screenshot to the right.

The top screenshot shows the files in the KookaBlockly Demo folder and the bottom the equivalent in the KookaIDE 


Step 5: Using the Scripts

This is what you should see in the KookaBlockly and KookaIDE windows when KookaScripts is successfully downloaded