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The STEM Experiential Learning Journey

The STEM Experiential Learning Journey (the STEM Journey) is a whole-of-school programme introducing real world data and technology to subjects across the curriculum from Stage 3 onwards.

By taking the STEM Journey, teachers and their students will develop the practical skills to assess and draw conclusions based on real-world data and evidence, and be able to apply those skills in novel situations.

It is supported by a Kookaberry Class Set and, most importantly, two Kookaberry teacher accreditation courses

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The Kookaberry Technology Platform


AustSTEM has collaborated with Australian industry and academia over the last three years to develop the Kookaberry technology platform in accordance with a Design Brief resolving many of the technology issues described in the Issues section on the Home Page.

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The Kookaberry Ecosystem

The Kookaberry platform exists within an ecosystem of learning plans; pre-coded drag-and-drop applications; plug-and-play sensors and control elements

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MicroPython Code Editors


AustSTEM commissioned the creator of MicroPython, Damien George, to write both a text based (KookIDE) and a graphical based (KookaBlockly) editor for the MicroPython code resident on the Kookaberry.

They both sit in a KookaSuite folder installed on a teacher's PC. This is accordance with the "no-internet" design criterium.

The KookaSuite folder also contain a Teacher's Window app which mirrors the screen of a tethered Kookaberry on a PC.

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The Internet of Things

Our world today is filled with sensors that transmit what they measure as data over the internet to computers for analysis; and to control devices which respond accordingly.

Called the Internet of Things (IoT) , the information being gathered can help us better understand climate change; reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.

The Kookaberry can be programmed to work with very inexpensive sensors and control elements to simulate the Internet of Things (IoT) in the classroom.

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