Food for thought

A learning plan for the Kookaberry


Developed by
Rob McTaggart
Learning Experience Designer
NSW Departmenf of Education

Students will investigate the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and collect and analyse data about the diets of themselves and their classroom peers.

Links to Curriculum

Australian Curriculum > Technologies > Design & Technologies > Years 3 and 4
ACTDEP014: Critique needs or opportunities for designing and explore and test a variety of materials, components, tools and equipment and the techniques needed to produce designed solutions

Australian Curriculum > Technologies > Design & Technologies > Years 3 and 4
ACTDEP015: Generate, develop, and communicate design ideas and decisions using appropriate technical terms and graphical representation techniques

Australian Curriculum > Health and Physical Education > Health and Physical Education > Years 3 and 4
ACPPS036: Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing

New South Wales > HSIE > Geography K-10 > S2
GE2-2: describes the ways people, places and environments interact

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Resource type:Unit of work

Year levels:Year 3, Year 4


Food for thought accompanying spreadsheet

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