Expression of Interest

Ten reasons to consider the Kookaberry

Easy to use

No coding needed; no fiddly alligator clips or screw terminals - just plug-in the accessories and use them. A range of compatible sensors is supplied with each kit and others are easily obtainable.

The Kookaberry is available in classroom sets that include peripherals, accessories, introductory training, and a website providing support and access to learning plans mapped to curriculum in all States.

An ecosystem

Works straight out of the box

Measuring, monitoring or controlling is possible in less than five minutes from plugging in  the battery and appropriate peripheral.

Already used in selected schools; a University School of Education; and an indigenous bush science STEM camp

A robust and mature product

Technology on view

The technology driving our digital world is becoming increasingly invisible as components get smaller and design gets better. This technology is deliberately made visible on the Kookaberry.

The low price point of the Kookaberry and its peripherals, together with its independence from the internet and WiFi, makes it accessible to classrooms across Australia regardless of location or socioeconomic status.

Classroom technology equity

Filling an education tool gap

Many popular digital educational tools and platforms are designed to support just the coding outcomes of the Digital Technologies (DT) stream of the national Technologies curriculum. The Kookaberry ecosystem not only covers all of the DT outcomes, but many of the Design & Technology (D&T) outcomes as well.

The Kookaberry is unique in that it is an open-source coding platform with a screen and an on-board USB memory. It is easy to load, customise, and generate apps to suit almost any peripheral or educational opportunity.

Flexible apps

Training included

A short mandatory introductory training course is available. It is not onerous; does not require prior coding experience; and is designed to make teachers feel comfortable about using the Kookaberry across a large variety of subjects.

The Kookaberry ecosystem has been designed from the ground up to support teachers in general, and primary teachers in particular.

Designed for primary teachers

Kookaberry Brochure

Our tri-fold brochure summarises both the AustSTEM Foundation's aims and the Kookaberry's functionality and uses.

Download the Brochure here→

Next step

Please complete the brief form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in obtaining Kookaberries for participation in classroom trials commencing Term 3, 2020

They will be made available in classroom sets of either 10, 15, or 30 Kookaberries plus accessories and selected peripherals. A training kit of five Kookaberries, which also includes a introductory webinar programme is also available.

We will provide costs and further details on receipt of your expression of interest.

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