About primary school STEM education

Government Programmes

    There are many initiatives and programmes at both Federal and State levels designed to support teachers implement the new Australian Technologies curriculum. All of these can be found through the STARportal or the Digital Technologies Hub.

    Primary school STEM research

      The Final Report of the STEM Partnerships Forum on Optimising STEM Industry-School Partnerships addresses many of the issues faced by STEM teachers and their students at each stage of education.

      In particular, research referenced in the report (Page 25) demonstrates that fostering engagement in STEM education in primary school positively influences later participation in STEM disciplines, particularly in the senior secondary years.

      [Rosicka, C 2016, From concept to classroom: Translating STEM education research into practice, ACER, Victoria. p.9]

      It also recognises (Page 50) the importance of early STEM engagement to enable students to make informed choices about STEM disciplines in their later secondary school years.

      [Chambers, N., Kashefpakdel, E. T., Rehill, J., Percy, C., 2018, Drawing the Future, Exploring the career aspirations of primary school children from around the world, Education and Employers, UK, p.vi]

      Further, it references research conducted in 2017 which suggests participation by girls in STEM disciplines could be improved through a focus on early years and primary education to address unconscious gender biases

      [Hobbs, L, Jakab, C, Millar, V, Prain, V, Redman, C, Speldewinde, C, Tytler, R, van Driel, J, 2017, Girls’ Future – Our Future, The Invergowrie Foundation STEM Report, Deakin University, The Invergowrie Foundation, The University of Melbourne, p. 5]